Once Upon a Time

IT and IT Enabled Services straddle the multi-faceted world of software development, outsourcing industry and IT applications. This is an industry that finds its core and genesis in its ability to save costs and time for its customers. It has been delivering its specialized expertise and tools to free up hours and bottom-line impact at the customer’s side. People in this industry have been helping lots of enterprises in unlocking business value, driving better customer experiences and accelerating transformation.

But at some point, the same problems come to plague these solution-givers in an indirect way. Inefficiencies can creep in. Development cycles can get heavy and stretched out. Hidden costs and issues can find their way into the solutions that reach the customer. What happens when the IT industry, itself, needs some support and expertise to lift some of this weight off its shoulders?

A player like Staqo appears with the competencies, understanding and delivery-rigour that these companies need, because these companies are serving someone else too.

This is where Staqo’s wide berth of offerings enhances their delivery models, leads them to greater scalability, speeds up their offerings and augments their KPI and SLA performance.

Vertical Focus

BPOs and Captives

System Integrators

Cloud Integrators


IT Service & Maintenance Services

Technology Parks

Product Partners

Implementation Consultants

As-a-Service Players

Enterprise Product Industry

Cut to Tomorrow

Every stripe of IT partner is efficient and robust enough to chase higher goals. The hassle-heavy work that used to consume endless hours and rework has been entrusted to experts like Staqo. They can design new business models and leverage new opportunities due to this discovery of efficiencies, cost savings and revenue impact.

IT services can become both compelling and agile, when powered with the right support in various areas. Staqo has brought in the missing fuel. The engines of technology can work with full force now.

Redefine your digital transformation journey with our comprehensive IT solutions.