With Staqo, you can equip your business with strength, simplicity, clarity and confidence. We can help your business take the next big leap.

Staqo Disruptive Innovators

Disruptive Innovators

Our team unravels path-breaking innovations, shaking the status-quo. We create and design disruptions for enterprise processes, models and strategies, and provide all the requisite tools, maps, support and execution-strengths to translate the disruptions into new business realities.

Risk Takers

We understand that technology gets born and dies every minute. This terrain is always full of surprises and dead-ends. The mark of a true pioneer is the stamina to absorb risks and the tenacity to turn rough edges into breakthroughs. And, we believe that we hold that stamina!

Staqo Risk Takers
Staqo Relationship Builders

Relationship Builders

We do not enter just into contracts, we build relationships, where we continuously and immensely, strengthen our customers. We have the back of our customers – no matter what. Once we start the journey with them, we stay along – flat tires or milestones – everywhere.


IT is always complex. But it does not have to be complicated. From applications to SLAs, from APIs to contracts, from licenses to visibility – with Staqo, you can always have a grip on it– clear and simple.

Staqo Simplifiers

Our Certifications

Our core assets are our intelligence and infrastructure. And, we have well-structured processes to make the most of the two. World’s leading institutes have evaluated and certified us for the same.

International Organization for Standardization 9001:2015
International Organization for Standardization 20000
International Organization for Standardization 27001
LEED Certified Development Center

LEED Certified Development Center

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