Staqo is not just a brand but a spirit that is built on the edifice of innovation, accountability, humility, and integrity.

about staqo brand

Staqo is an offshoot of a billion-rupee conglomerate – Sheela Foam Limited (SFL). It all began with a question – ‘What can we bring here that no one else has?’ And, the answer lay in our decades of SFL lineage – the ability to be simple and relevant; and to take responsibility.

Today, Staqo is clear and confident, and is a name that customers rely on. We create advantages, while being transparent, cost-savvy and futuristic. Armed with a 200+ team of unparalleled experts, in all domains of Enterprise Technology, we set out on an unstoppable streak of transforming over 5000 entities – in and out of India!

We are here to empower organizations get rid of delays, lock-ins, license black holes and cluelessness. Getting on the ramp with Staqo, you can be sure of at least one thing – it will be Simple and Relevant.

Core Values

Staqo thrives on honesty, clarity, hard work and creativity. The way our people and products shine is reflected in some unwavering rules that we follow every day, with every task and for every decision.

Staqo Innovation

We strive to find the optimal solution for our customer, by breaking technological boundaries.This is why we have a firm foothold on emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain and ML.

Staqo Accountability

Staqo believes in utter & no-crack honesty. We promise what we can deliver. We ask what we can earn. Our way of working is to gain trust and build relationships – not transactions.

Staqo Humility

Our approach to employees, stakeholders and even competitors is imbued with a humble spirit – of being together, of showing respect and of making the world better.

Staqo Integrity

Transparency, the right intention and the courage to be fair – these are the hallmarks of Staqo. It is our ability to be clear and fair that sets us apart from everyone else.

Our IT Capabilities

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Staqo brings to the fore a unique and invincible bundle of strengths that turns IT into a powerful force.

Our foundational strength stems from our strong capabilities developed at our R&D Labs across key technology areas

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Redefine your digital transformation journey with our comprehensive IT solutions.