Once upon a time

Since the advent of Model T, the typical automotive factory has stayed the same. Boring, complicated and full of islands. No major breakthrough or gear has put it on a new lane. Even if some brave enterprises embraced concepts like JIT, Kaizen or Platform-manufacturing, the utmost possible gains were never realized that well. No marks for guessing why. Be it the black belt of Sigma on an assembly line quality-control or the blue-collar worker around who still got exhausted with time, attention and craft that could be better spent – everything depends on the speed and quality of data at one’s disposal. It’s all about how fast data reaches the right point, how well and seamlessly it is integrated and how insightfully it is applied. But how to bring that big cylinder inside a hood that is leaking with legacy, heterogeneous components and OEM-baggage? It’s time to move away from mass production plants to digitally-intelligent products, electrification, new mobility trends and the sharing economy. But how?

The answer lies in how Staqo fires up this engine a new ignition point. With a bundle of tools, solution and skills in its pitstop, Staqo puts the automotive factory on a smooth express-way of transformation.

Vertical Focus

Automotive Plants

OEM Partners

Specialist Manufacturers

Heavy Vehicle Companies

Digital Service Partners

Transport Players

Commuting Apps

Electric Cars and Sharing Economy Ecosystem

Connectivity Industry

Autofinance Industry

Cut to Tomorrow

Today any factory, and any automotive player, can dream of being relevant in the new era that is almost upon us – there is no need to worry about the drastic shifts that are under way. Enterprises can dig out new value and revenue opportunities in the new landscape of self-driven cars, intelligently-guided vehicles, platoons, AR-integrated vehicles, hybrid drive-train platforms, electric transport, lean manufacturing, robotics, IIoT, factory co-bots and 3D advancements.

Equipped with the confidence of intelligence, automation and augmentation that Staqo provides, enterprises can find their spot in this new parking space. Being technology-savvy and digitally-fluent is not a choice in this space. It is a hygiene factor. With Staqo, tomorrow’s cars, car-makers, drivers, passengers, in-vehicle entertainers, digital ecosystem players and other services can make the most of technology’s prowess. The road is clear and exciting ahead. For those who drive well with technology.

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