on-demand apps

Everything you need to know about on-demand apps

In a world punctuated with instant coffee, fitness trackers, and cab-on-a-swipe…

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How chatbots are revolutionizing the service sector?

What are the hallmarks of a great customer service experience? Respond fast.…

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e-Attendance Tool

Checklist for an e-Attendance Tool

You are probably reading this blog because you may have decided to or may be…

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cloud migration

Top Mistakes with Cloud Migration – and How to Pre-empt them?

The story of information technology (IT) can easily be divided into two parts,…

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contactless future

Is contactless the future of HR and Attendance?

Apart from employee safety and experience, this approach brings other HR…

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cloud deployment

Correct Your Cloud – Now That The Dust Settles

How to get the most out of your cloud deployment - some factors to consider…

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AI & ML in behavioural analytics

Role of AI & ML in behavioural analytics

Some of us may wonder? Why should we be listening at all? After all, if your…

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AI enabled sentiments

Choosing the Right Partner to build your own AI-Powered Sentiment Analytics Solution

AI in sentiment analytics has heralded a paradigm shift. It is a brilliant way…

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social sentiment analysis

Social Sentiment Analysis With AI

Would it not be powerful and delightful to know what turns your customers on or…

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machine learning and predictive analytics

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics – Understanding The Difference

Have you ever come across someone who uses the words machine learning and…

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