Once Upon a Time

For long, it was hard to imagine a Doctor without the stethoscope. But that was never the healthcare professional’s go-to tool. Their actual favourite was something called ‘hunch’. For centuries, despite some pole-vaulting medical advancements and history-changing discoveries, the average Doctor struggled with the absence of useful information. These medical experts had to rely a lot on intuition and half-baked information – from prognosis to diagnosis. There was seldom enough time or file-history to fall back on while treating a patient. The irony is that helpful data was always lurking somewhere around this clueless patient and the rudderless doctor, alike.

Data about individual complications and specifics, data about patterns collated from other patients, data about efficacy of/gaps in treatment, data about possible ramifications of a certain course of action – all this was not needed to be created from scratch. It was right there. Albeit, hidden, scattered and broken all around.

That’s why specialists like Staqo hit the right vein here. The offerings, expertise and proficiency of its solutions are precisely aimed at shrinking the issues that healthcare industry suffers from. It enables care-givers to have a ready repertoire of real-time updated data, and to be able to use this with never-before accuracy, success-rates and comprehensive treatment approaches.

Vertical Focus

Diagnostic Services and Labs


Multi-specialty Hospitals

Emergency Response Services

Lifestyle Amenities

Special Practices

Ambulatory Support Givers

Digital Health Services

Regulatory Bodies

Insurance Players

Cut to Tomorrow

The entire patient lifecycle can now be crystallized into actionable and situation-specific snapshots. Doctors and care-givers can not only reduce costly mistakes – that were common during the gut-driven ways of the past- but they can also elevate the impact of their diagnosis and treatment efforts.

One more corresponding outcome here is this – The relationship between a patient and a doctor is now deeper, more data-supported, and more big-picture-oriented than it ever was. They work in collaboration and complete control of every step, every change, and every medicine. They can have individualized, nuanced and experience-driven interactions. It’s all about a 360-degree well-being mindset now.

Data – actionable and digestible- allows both the patients and people at every stage of healthcare chain to be confident, accurate, effective and intelligent. Without violating the norms of patient privacy and healthcare regulations. The healthcare process, in every tiny way, gets paperless, intelligent, automated, ethical and robust enough for making healthcare a positive term again.

This is a world where information is the real pulse. And – Technology makes it throb, the way it should always do.

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