Once Upon a Time

Things were boring in the BFSI world. That meant that everything was going well, like clockwork. Institutions, markets, regulations and even customer-habits had taken a rigid and predictable texture. But just when one thinks something is set in stone, explosions wake, and shake, up the industry. As soon as the word ‘technology’ unleashed its power and potential in this space, nothing was familiar anymore. In a big spin to the fundamental structures of finance and money systems, everything became strange and new. Democracy took centre-stage and decentralization grabbed a stronghold on many long-standing financial edifices. AI and Blockchain redefined everything about how money is created, logged, locked, passed on, earned and speculated over. Fin-tech became a reality that came in a harsh torrent of new start-ups and disruptors.

So how do banks, financial institutions and service players navigate this new landscape? Do they have the digital DNA to stand tall to the new forces? With Staqo. Of course. A loud yes!

Vertical Focus


Financial Institutes

Insurance Players

FinTech Industry

Payment Processors

Fund Transfer Partners

Wealth Management Firms

Investment Banks

Cut to Tomorrow

BFSI players are embracing the big sea of constant and deep-cutting shifts with the help of technology. They are changing from incumbents to front-runners, from start-ups to disruptors and that’s becoming easy with technology. BFSI, as a whole, is extremely open, fair, fast, nimble, customer-centric, decentralized and transparent. Of course, walls made over centuries are crumbling but those players that are smartly investing in the bridges of technology will not collapse. They will simply move forward.

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