Once Upon a Time

Pharmaceutical Players were caught in the most preposterous irony – they were supposed to be a step ahead of all that ails or weakens human potential; and yet they were always pushed back down the hill due to delays of regulatory nature, exploratory processes and data-inadequacy. How can the medical industry create future-forward answers and safeguards against health threats when it is always pulled back by the weight of information bottlenecks!

To accelerate innovation, to fast-forward new cures, to deliver treatments for emergency situations and pandemics – and at the same time, to observe apt regulatory boundaries and safety measures – that is where the Life Sciences industry needs a booster shot – that of technology.

Staqo injects the industry with exactly that answer.

Vertical Focus

Drug Companies

IV Products

Medical Devices

Clinical Safety Providers

Clinical Trials Experts

Bio-tech Industry Players

Med-tech Players

Consumer Health Industry and OTC


Generic Drugs

CROs and Research Labs

Cut to Tomorrow

With real-time data and with collaboration that is massive, instant and global; now pharmaceutical companies can leverage technology to create fast treatments and help humanity towards a healthier future.

From faster drug discovery to breakthrough innovations in formats, delivery and life-support; the life sciences industry can elevate its role with a new level of productivity and impact. Technology, finally, allows it to break the shackles that kept it slow. Now the future-centric answers can run at the speed of an intelligent injection – and hit the precise pain-points. Time to say bye to the dust on the shelves.

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