To research something is much more than white aprons, green caps and heavy glasses. It starts and grows from the very way any R&D team thinks.

staqo r&d labs

At Staqo, we live in the future, and are always fiddling with ‘what lies ahead’ – converting ingenuity into breakthroughs.

The brilliant minds at our labs are on the forefront, digging deep into what is wrong or missing from the current swathe of technologies. Our state-of-the-art Development Center at pulsates with a strong in-house development muscle, amplified with an experience span of over 25 years. We have exemplary execution skills that is demonstrated by serving IT needs of global set-ups. We also have dedicated IoT, Blockchain, AI, and Cloud Computing labs with a team of experts working on different technologies and solutions.

We are a team that…

has its feet-on-the-street.

does not mind dirt under its nails.

builds products for customers, not for marketing brochures.

Innovation Areas

A superlative mix of acumen, future-proof projects and confidence.

Iot, AI & ML, Cloud Computing, Blockchain Labs

IoT, AI & ML, Cloud Computing & Blockchain Labs

Development & Innovations

Experts working for future developments & innovations

Experimentation & Research

Continuous experimentation & research

Research Focus: We are the Think-Tank of Futuristic IT.

With 200+ cases and articles published across leading publications; and winning 50+ accolades and awards, we have been reiterating our mettle as an innovative player with a strong thrust on innovation that breaks boundaries. We have also been extensively recognized across various industry forums. These laurels celebrate our very own best practices in IT and innovation.

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Our foundational strength stems from our strong capabilities developed at our R&D Labs across key technology areas
IoT & IIoT

IoT & IIoT



Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing



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