There are no Mondays at Staqo!

A Staqonian always runs to work. Full of energy, excitement and fuel, the environment is designed to nourish innovation and facilitate growth – after all, this is not a workplace.

Our office floors are more like a playground – where people swing on many skills, where they build fitness of their competencies, where they are allowed to get mud of mistakes over them and where there is a lot of space – physical and intellectual – to run around with one’s mind.

Staqo Playing together

We play together, we work together from cricket matches and morning marathons to brainstorming sessions and solution innovations.

At Staqo, people are nourished and encouraged with the best-possible opportunities, goals, projects, Compensation, competition, fun, excitement, challenges and support.

Staqo Careers

Inspired Challenges. Meaningful Careers.

If you are looking forward to working with Staqo, be prepared for a life full of excitement and possibilities. And no Mondays.

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