Before Staqo:

The company in question – a top-tier high-involvement product enterprise in B2C category in India- had a huge volume of warranty registration data (from 2007 onwards) that was lying untapped and wasted in its excel-sheets. Drilled well, this gigantic pool of data could be a goldmine of precious customer insights on unarticulated expectations, behavioural patterns, and repeat purchase cycles. The problem was that this data was lying below the main radar, invisible for key decisions, hard to grip and in the cold data bucket.

This translated into crucial disadvantages like:

  • The company was not reaching out to a ready-and-ripe audience available via online platforms and avenues which could be targeted with apt use of data. About 90 per cent of customer-reach was happening through slow-random approaches like word-of-mouth publicity.
  • There was a gross gap on converting highly-satisfied customers into cross-selling, and high-revenue, areas. This was despite an encouraging number of customers who rated company’s delivery and service in high brackets (>6o to >90 per cent).
  • There was no way of capturing an already-present high level of customer recommendations to their friends and peers (>90 per cent)
  • The data was also conveying a lot of feedback on what ticks off a customer’s preference and what the company can do to improve price and overall experience. But it was lying unnoticed, unused.
  • Key indicators of patterns on repeat-purchases, high-end shopping, upgrades, replacements or switch-to-competition were lying idle
  • In short – there was an Ali-baba treasure cave sitting untouched in the company’s own backyard. All that was needed was the right door and an IT spell to open it. That’s where Staqo brought in an end-to-end analytics solution

After Staqo:

Our team developed a well-nailed analytics solution that aimed right at the heart of the vast-invisible goldmine of warranty data. The development and database teams made sure that everything from data formats, storage, migration, conversion to visualization was accomplished in a smooth and sleek manner. It covered the entire wall-to-wall spectrum of data modelling, integration, engineering, core delivery and dashboards in a customized way.

Once our solution was in place, the company could instantly spot:

1. Hitherto-ignored customer insights like why they love specific choices in low-end – along with quarter-wise and region-wise shifts in high-end model shopping behaviour

2. Region-sharp patterns that revealed a lot about shopping behaviours and buyer personalities

3. Time-wise and period-wise patterns that the sharp and creative data-dashboards offered now accelerating bang-on decisions for managers on the ground

4. Peek into why and where dealer recommendations mattered for upselling and revenue-maximisation

5. Last-mile expansion possibilities to customers through tech-driven platforms

6. Ability to reach high-end customers without being intrusive or delayed

7. Key gaps and factors that influence a customer’s moment-of-truth during a decision

8. Precise understanding of segments like repeat customers, multiple-product shoppers, replacement shoppers

9. A bird’s eye view on territories and products that are hotter than others

Why Staqo?

It was much more than an exercise in organizing data or wringing it through some analytics grinder. It needed specific expertise on legacy processes, the sharpness to catch overlooked data areas etc. It was about creating a vessel where all insights can be poured in an easy-to-drink way – for the ultimate decision-makers.

All this proved compelling in weeding out products or approaches that do not work. It proved to be a big fast gear in providing customers with what they actually preferred, at the right time and in the right way. The team elevated the time, data quality, and presentation and insight aspects to empower the ‘feet on the street’ staff instead of creating just another bulky tank of data.

It armed this customer to understand its customers better. Without any translation loss.