Before Staqo:

A Retail-centric enterprise was dealing with a lot of blind spots in the distribution network and store-level footprints. Despite being a formidable brand in the industry, most of the times the sales people were clueless and un-armed with information that was required to serve footfalls at the store and convert them to happy customers. In an age where information is power, a lot of the store-staff was walking blindfolded and at the mercy of customers’ moods and luck. They needed a strong Sixth-sense power to talk and delight a person when s/he approached a store. But doing so without appearing pushy, creepy and blank was a tough puzzle to crack.

After Staqo:

Now this was a unique challenge. It was not about digging into hard data. It was not about playing a shot with half-baked insights. This was about spotting a prospect’s exact mood, inclination and psychological state before s/he enters the aisle. It could not be done so well with cold data available in reports and dashboards. What one needed was something fresh! Something unique and spot-on!

That’s what Staqo suggested and conceived with the use of ‘Images’. With cameras placed at some strategic spots, and surgically-enabled to deliver facial data – now it was possible to gauge a person’s mood and state of mind as a possible customer way before s/he came across a sales-staff. The staff could now approach a prospect or be available with the right answers, understanding and anticipatory solutions. The footfalls were changed into faces. And faces told a lot to hard-working and sincere sales-people. Soon, in a week the stores saw 18 per cent growth in conversion with strong and positive domino effects in ASP and top-line figures. This was because they could use AI-based behaviour analysis and offer the right pitch to a prospect. Every footfall was now a strong, and high-value, sales opportunity. Without intrusion, without playing a blind man in a dark room.

Why Staqo?

This solution was not a vanilla box that was slapped on to the customer from an existing portfolio. Staqo’s team is not just a bunch of sharp technology guys but also a flock of eagles with business spectacles. They can understand what stands between a fluke and a sure-shot business opportunity. They can really go deep into a client’s environment and context. This allows them to come up with innovative solutions which may be totally new but fit the client’s scenario to the T. Like what we did with Image analytics for footfall conversion here.