Give me Bricks Watson

Data is the new currency. Data is the new oil. Data is the new Sun. Data is the new moon-shot. Imagine how much power, how many implications and how much transformation it packs! Enterprises who wake up to the massive opportunities of Data are going to gain strong distance ahead of those who are unable to tap, see, store, smell, understand, protect and leverage their data.

Staqo sees Data from a cohesive angle. It lets you tame this new beast but without letting it sprawl and roam out of control. We have been putting in years and innovations in rounding off the edges of Data disruptions. With us, you always stay sure and ahead. Data becomes the new edge.

Our Data-Related Offerings

Staqo harbours a wide spectrum of capabilities that bring every data need and answer under one roof.

AI/ML-Based Applications

Machine Learning

In-Memory Analytics

In-Memory Analytics

database management

Database Management

Cognitive Computing

AI Engines

Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics

Data Platform Services

Open-Source Databases





Cloud Mapping and Optimisation

Data Lakes

data science and analytics

Business Intelligence

Reinforcement Learning

Data Modeling

AI for specific IT and Business Operations

Deep Learning

Drill Deep in Your Business

Staqo knows that no matter how much and how fast data an enterprise can embrace, its value can dilute easily due to challenges like:

Data is like water, everywhere. Let’s make it potable.

Allow Staqo to simplify the advantages and challenges that come to you in this data-driven era. Approach data with the right understanding, tools and clarity; and the ocean is yours.

Redefine your digital transformation journey with our comprehensive IT solutions.