A GPS-Enabled Fleet Management application can ensure that lockdowns are practical and uninterrupted when it comes to delivery of essential/citizen-preferred products.

The Covid pandemic has upended a lot of businesses and their core models. But think of the urgency, pressure and significance that government entities have to assume in these challenging times.  State governments have started serious discussions on planning new interventions for supply of certain products and services. This has to be executed with the perfect balance of convenience and efficiency. In other words, they need a platform that can assure home-delivery (supported with digital payments – for social distancing reasons too) but without compromising adequate integrity checks. Specially for deliveries that have to happen from licensed outlets, without delay and in a way that citizens get the products effortlessly – whether it is the logistics parts or the payments parts of the entire cycle.

At the doorstep – but from a distance! How?

What accentuates the seriousness of this challenge is the crisis we are all facing. New mandates make it imperative for the government edifice to ensure that lockdown precautions continue but without adding any more wrinkles in the life of people who are already struggling with fear, uncertainty and disruptions. Even the Apex court has advised states to consider indirect sales and home delivery of goods. Recall what happened when some parts of India resumed sales of liquor.  Just think of the implications run far and wide with a simple decision. If only certain goods could be delivered to users without risking unmanageable queues and chaos! If only social distancing could be made easy to follow by assuring home deliveries and frictionless experiences!

That ‘if only’ can be answered through IT. By using the power of GPS, facilitated by an intelligently-designed IT platform. If a mobile app and IT platform could execute fleet management and home delivery of certain products, the outcomes would be endless – for both product users and suppliers.  The solution would not only help to save money, erase confusion, minimize complexity and accelerate delivery timelines but it would also, indirectly, help citizens observe the ideal levels of rigour of social distancing and help fight the pandemic.

Staqo knows how to exactly do that – with a GPS-enabled Fleet Management system for home deliveries that functioned on digital payments.

A strong reference – tested-and-proven

Staqo’s expert team has already delivered such a platform for a leading industry player (in Home-Comforts Products) that commands almost 35 per cent in market share. In this project of a huge scale and sprawling footprint, Staqo had created clear, visible and sustainable outcomes of speed, coverage, efficiency and experience across the entire shipping lifecycle.

This was done for a massive spread of 11 manufacturing units that meant fleet movement of 7,30,000 fleets from factory to some distributors.  This translated into a gigantic challenge of moving 29,20,000 vehicles from 120 distributors to 10,000 retailers. In turn, this would cascade into a tremendous number of 5,25,60,000 from these retailers to the last-mile of customers – and that too, in a home-delivery format.

But Staqo had anticipated just the problem areas that could have some pronounced effects on the end-outcomes. The team knew that the real clinchers in this entire journey were – location precision and hassle-free operations. That is why it betted heavily, and carefully, on getting the right equation between GPS and delivery maps, along with syncing in digital payments.

Here’s how it manifested all that into the solution:

For delivery and speed:

  • GPS-enabled vehicle tracking capabilities
  • Best Route-Optimization possibilities
  • Multiple delivery-execution ease
  • Multi-point loading and unloading choices for flawless movements during exigencies
  • Alerts and reminders to observe tight deadlines
  • Vehicle-locking features

For simplified financial and operational support:

  • Order-to-tracking invoices and Real-time invoicing for making the payments part even smoother
  • Smart and Actionable Dashboards
  • Real-time stock trading
  • Multiple and Digital Payment interfaces
  • Auto-payment management for logistics module

For consistent and better performance:

  • Product-return management enablers
  • Transporter feedback and rating for continuous (and precise) improvement of the solution
  • Delivery confirmation feature by customers
  • Product-tracking tool
  • Analytics for data and improvement

Delivery Snapshot – No Bumpers, No Collisions

All this helped the company to take care of the deliveries from the start to finish points with minimum hurdles and maximum visibility. Additional features like monitoring of turnaround time, paperless format of invoices and real-time peek into payments etc. added depth, agility and robustness to this solution. These extra components worked well in making it impressively easy and lightweight for all stakeholders. What was really remarkable was how the core part of the GPS piece was given attention and IT focus by incorporating fuel-level sensors, high-grade GPS devices etc. It was carefully supplemented with a fast vehicle tracking application. This application, in turn, was impressively integrated with existing application and repurposed into integrated web and mobile application – wherever needed. Training, operation and maintenance areas were also taken into serious consideration from an actual-on-ground-use perspective.

Plug and Play. It’s Ready

This solution’s experience and frameworks can now find a ready use in the current state of lockdown-driven delivery needs. Government-operated deliveries can find a solution like this compelling, and customized, enough to take care of three predominant expectations from any IT platform here:

  1. Deliver fast and without mistakes
  2. Deliver in a safe way – with digital payments and real-time visibility
  3. Deliver without adding any more burdens of costs and crowds than what government services are already burdened with

This GPS-fleet capability from Staqo is capable to shine on all these acute areas. In a way that fits well to a specific department, region, product and lockdown-zone. And quickly.

Because fleets are any day better than crowds. Specially after Covid!